Mastin Labs Review!

Mastin Labs Review!

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  • February 9, 2015
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Hi friends! I get a lot of questions asking how I edit my photos. The answer is: It’s different every time. Yes, I’m sure that response isn’t helpful, and frankly pretty irritating, but it’s the best answer I can give without writing you a novel. I aim to reflect a consistent editing style throughout my work but, depending on what I want/need a particular batch of photos to look like, my editing process switches up here and there. Editing a photograph is simply a matter of personal preference and, despite what your art teacher told you in 9th grade, there’s no wrong way to go about it. One particular style I love is a very simple, clean, almost film-like look. Now, unless you’re shooting with actual film this look can be pretty difficult to achieve OR you can use Mastin Labs for Lightroom and ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) and it’s a breeze! Below I have a comparison of a RAW underexposed (not very pretty) image next to an image I’ve edited almost entirely in ACR with the Mastin Labs Portra 400 preset. I would say it doesn’t look exactly like real film, but it’s close so I’m a happy camper. Disclaimer: Like all presets you will absolutely have to tweak your white balance, exposure, contrast, etc… to get the photo just right. I’ve had the Mastin Labs presets for over a year and wouldn’t say I use them every day, but they are really beautiful and can be extremely helpful. If you love film I highly recommend this product. Happy editing, everybody! I’ll share some more of my tips and tricks soon!


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  • Serena says:

    Love these, Shannon! <3

  • Tarrin says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. I am always great full to photographers wiling to share their knowledge with others. Look forward for more posts!

    • Shannon says:

      Thank you, Tarrin! I hope to have more photography related tips and product reviews up soon!

      • Malinda says:

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      • paulina says:

        We are still waiting for these tips! <3

      • http://www./ says:

        Congrats that a good achievement. I don’t comment often but swing by every day mostly you have a good blog.Never tried propeller, I must give it a go..

      • I think it’s brilliant when people can reuse brands as icons in a new and exciting way to catch our imagination. Especially around special times like Tax Time, Halloween, etc. Vanilla Ice! I think that’s hilarious- definitely an attention grabber.

  • Mai says:

    beaitiful images!!!!

  • These are absolutely lovely, Shannon!

    I recently love got Mastin, and I love them! I think they’re also a great option when you’re editing a huge group of photos. The photos just naturally flow beautifully together, despite light/location changes!

  • Henar says:

    What beautiful results! Definitely gonna look into it :) thanks for sharing!

  • Kieran says:


    Wondering if this program works with Photoshop as well?
    Looks great!


    • Shannon says:

      Hi! Yes, you would apply the preset in Adobe Camera Raw before you pull it into photoshop.

    • Fleta says:

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  • Brooke says:

    These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing how you do this. By the way, do you use any VSCO presets? I am seriously contemplating getting them soon.

  • Taylor Behm says:

    Hi I would really like to know what type of camera you use now and what you started out with? Thanks!

  • skylar williams says:

    hi there! my names skylar, im 16 years old and love photography but dont understand alot about the whole world yet. I have a camera ( canon rebel t3i with a tameron lens) and i use apps to edit, but i really need to move forward and get photoshop. The only issue is i dont know if i should. I dont know where to get it, or what to even look for and i dont know if i like the look of film more, or is it to complicated to use.. the only thing i know is i like the look of your pictures. That glowy, bright look, and i dont know how to get that and thought maybe you could help? Ive commented a few times on your instagram account a couple times but i think you have so many comments you dont see it. My email is . Thank you for reading.

  • L says:

    Just wondering how you get more contrast/pop with the presets? The preset default are set to almost full contrast already… How do you add more?

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